The experience of being free.

At LINK, we put together all of our experience in the field of engineering as well as innovation (R&D and innovation). This allows us to grant products that set us apart from others thanks to our use of automobile and motorcycling.

The freedom to seek new roads.

Design Engineering Technology Experience Innovation

SERVICES: Motorcycling, automotive, protection systems



Design picture

Link Innova engineering, as a previous step before setting up the final product, finds the best style solutions based on technical feasibility without leaving aside creativity, inspiration, and innovation, while getting ahead of market trends.


Engineering picture

Link Innova Engineering transforms ideas into reality through technology transfer and advanced engineering. As worldwide leaders in this type of services, we offer products containing a unique element: advanced engineering imported from the automobile and aeronautics fields.


Prototype picture

Link Innova Engineering offers the possibility of elaborating a prototype intended for style approval as well as to test the functionality of the design and engineering phases. This prototype is designed to de approved by the client.

This allows us to avoid errors, deficiencies, infeasibilities… before entering the production stage, thanks to a prototype.

The client benefits from saving time and money on the phases to follow.


Manufacturing picture

When the prototype and engineering are completely perfected in every required manner and they reach the goals they were sought out to taking into account the importance a complete service is to our clients, Link Innova Engineering offers its manufacturing and logistics, making sure the client’s required regulations are met. We carry the end high quality product in ideal conditions to any worldwide port.


R&D picture

Our company does strong investments in innovation; which results in having several patents and innovative products in the market.